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HN Steel OÜ’s main area of activity is the production of custom furniture and custom interiors. As our main competence lies in metal work, we prefer projects with a high concentration of metal products. Besides fulfilling custom orders we produce and market products created by HN Steel OÜ’s own designers under the Hansanova trademark. HN Steel OÜ was founded in 2010. Together with its employees the company carries on the tradition of high-quality metal work, which has existed in Estonia throughout history.


We fulfil a very extensive range of custom orders. Metal furniture, staircases, interior design elements and various small mechanisms make up the majority of our products. In the course of fulfilling custom orders we offer our clients design and execution solutions, and full implementation complete with installation.

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Our product range includes both exclusive metal furniture and standard products. The exclusive products are designed and produced at our manufacturing headquarters, while the standard items, also based on our original designs, are produced by our partner companies and marketed via various wholesale and retail enterprises in different markets.

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