Bar stool „Christina“

„Christina” is a universal seat for a taller dining table or a bar counter. While developing this product, comfort and ergonomy has been taken into consideration for lengthy sitting.


The Roadman product line marries functionality of furniture and the aesthetics and durability of Flightcase professional cases. The chest of drawers comes in four different dimensions and functions. There are a number of options available as regards measurements and functionalities. A different colour scheme for the body can be selected for all of the Roadman cases.


The source of inspiration for this divan is the classic canapé form. It allows one to sit or recline (lie down). The divan seats up to three people. The majestic form is well-suited to formal rooms and can be the piece de resistance of one’s living room. The form can be appreciated from all sides. The body is steel, and the seat is soft upholstery. A selection of colour and covering fabrics is available.


This table was born to be a distinguished writing desk for a larger office — befitting a CEO or owner. The reference to a climbing bug symbolizes ambition and big accomplishments. The table is just as well suited to a large dining room, able to seat eight people. The frame and legs are made of steel, using a specific welding method. The tablet op is a veneer panel that can be easily replaced.

“Frenchman Alex”

This table is designed to serve as a coffee table. The light but sturdy construction guarantees stability while leaving a light and transparent impression. The table surface is made of glulam; a range of finishing styles is available.


This table adds gravitas and historic ambience. The form of the legs is informed by early 20thcentury industrial design. Designed as a dining room table, it can be used indoors or outdoors. The legs are made of stainless steel
while the table surface is solid wood. The legs can be separately ordered.

Mass 1

This table features a strong and mobile desktop. Developed for use as a work desk in a studio or workshop, it also makes a good dining room table where a higher surface is desired. The body is made of steel, and the table top of glulam. Its solid appearance is deceiving as it can be moved and manoeuvred easily. The wheels can be locked into position.