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Decorative flower and plant supports

Hansanova’s designers have developed a series of variousdecorative supports for plants.The decorativesupports are meant for supporting growing flowers, bushes and trees. Thanks to the special colour tone “Natural rust coating”structure, the supports blend in with the trees and shrubs. The supports are handmade of long-lasting iron and are suitable for year-round use in the home garden – from early spring to Christmas.

Meeleolupilt Hansanova Taime ja põõsatoed
Plant and shrub supports

In cooperation with domestic horticulturalists, Hansanova’s designers have developed a series of various supports for plants.

Meeleolupilt Hansanova aiakorvid
Garden basket

Hansanova’s designers brought a centuries-old handcrafted basket design back to the market. Made of wire, these baskets were used by both country folk and horticulturalists.